The Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique is recognized as one of the most effective ways of changing habitual patterns of movement, posture and function. In the first lessons students become aware of their unconscious habits. Once these habits are identified we can begin to create new ways to use our bodies with freedom and ease. Most importantly students of the technique learn a unique process of self-care through which they can simply and effectively modify their muscular responses. The result is greater mobility, comfort and confidence in movement as well as increased core strength and the capacity for changing behavior at will. This system of self-observation brings us to an essential understanding of our physical, mental, emotional and energetic selves, and their fundamental connection. As students become more and more conscious, pathways throughout the body open and our vital life force flows freely. Our vision as Alexander teachers is that of an artist; the body is our instrument, and we tune it to a subtle calibration, drawing on the infinite knowledge of the subconscious. This unique education invites self-discovery; and leads the way to a well-balanced life.



Gentle hands- on guidance, as well as verbal instructions are given by a highly skilled teacher to help students gain proficiency in basic movements such as walking, sitting, bending, squatting, reaching and carrying. Students will also be asked to lie on a table fully clothed, to help integrate lessons. Lessons are thirty to sixty minutes in length. Students typically take one to two lessons per week, over a six to twelve month period. Improvement in this method relies on the student's active participation.


F.M. Alexander

F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) was born in Australia. After becoming a successful actor throughout England and Australia, he developed a chronic case of hoarseness and laryngitis for which doctors were unable to find a physiological cause. After many years of meticulous observation and experimentation, Alexander not only restored his voice, but evolved a method that profoundly changed peoples' lives and is now taught throughout the world.


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